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22-10-2014 Aankondiging 13-de wk schaken voor visueel beperkten in Grieknland

Datum aankomst: 4 mei 2014 en datum vertrek: 15 mei 2014
13th IBCA World Individual Chess Championship

for Blind and Visually Impaired Chess Players



Oct 19th 2013

I.B.C.A. invites all country members.

Location: Katerini, Olympus Riviera Pieria - Greece

Dates: arrival 4 May - departure 15 May 2014

1. Date and venue

The Championship will be held in Katerini, Olympus Riviera - Greece from May 4th 2014 (arrivals)
until May 15th 2014 (departures). The tournament hall is the conference center of the 5-star hotel
“Mediterranean Village” in Katerini.

2. Organizers

I.B.C.A. and Hellenic Sport Federation for Persons with Disability.

3. Information and registrations

Information, questions, registrations to the email ibcaworld2014@gmail.com and tel. number (+30)
6938326161, Mr Nikos Kalesis.

4. Payments Board and lodging, IBCA fee

The participants will stay in the 5-star hotel “Mediterranean Village” in Katerini, Olympus Riviera.

Prices per person, per night, full board included:

in triple room: 59 Euros

in double room: 67 Euros

in single room: 84 Euros

All participants, including coaches and accompanying persons of the delegations, must stay in the
official hotel “Mediterranean Village” for organisational and security reasons. The Organising
Committee will not accept any person to be a participant if she/he doesn’t stay in the official hotel
“Mediterranean Village”.

All delegations must deposit 20% of the total cost for hotel accommodation before 2 April 2014
to the following bank account:

Bank: Piraeus Bank

Bank Swift Code (BIC): PIRBGRAA

Account holder name: Koutlougiannis At Holidays Ltd

Account number (IBAN): GR2701720230005023055028191

Bank address: 4 Amerikis Str., 10564 Athens - GREECE

The I.B.C.A. member countries must pay the annual fee of 150 Euros before the start of the first
round to the treasurer.

5. Transportation from and to airport, excursion

Organizers are obliged to provide transportation from and to Thessaloniki Airport and an excursion
on 10 May without any cost for all participants.

All delegations must send the flight details (date, time and flight number for arrival/departure) to the
organizing committee before 2 April 2014.

6. Travel expenses and arrivals

According to FIDE regulations the participating federations must cover the travel expenses of all
players, coaches and accompanying persons.

7. Schedule

May 4 Arrivals

May 5 at 10:00 Technical Meeting

May 5 at 15:00 Round 1

May 6 at 15:00 Round 2

May 7 at 15:00 Round 3

May 8 at 15:00 Round 4

May 9 at 15:00 Round 5

May 10 free day Excursion

May 11 at 15:00 Round 6

May 12 at 15:00 Round 7

May 13 at 15:00 Round 8

May 14 at 09:00 Round 9

May 14 at 16:00 Closing ceremony

May 15 Departures

8. Appeals Committee

The members of the appeals committee will be announced during the technical meeting.

Complaints about the decisions of the chief arbiter or his assistants must be submitted in a written
form to the chairman of the appeals committee within 30 minutes after the completion of the playing
session. A deposit of 50 € must be handed over to the chairman of the appeals committee. If the
appeal is admitted, the sum shall be returned immediately. If the appeal is refused, the deposit is
forfeited to IBCA.

9. Playing system and rate of play

The championship will be played in 9 rounds Swiss System in accordance with FIDE regulations.

The playing time will be 120 minutes for 40 moves, followed by 60 minutes for each player for the
rest of the game, max. 6 hours.

10. Final ranking of players

The final ranking order of the players is determined by the number of points scored.

The order of players that finish with the same number of points shall be determined by application of
the following tie-breaking procedures in sequence, proceeding from (a) to (b) to (c) to (d) to the
extent required:

a) Median-Buchholz 1, the highest number wins;

b) Buchholz, the highest number wins;

c) Number of wins, the highest number wins;

d) Progressive Score, the highest number wins.

In case of unplayed games for the calculation of (a) and (b) the current FIDE tournament rules shall
be applied: “Independently of the result of an unplayed game (win by Bye, win or loss by forfeit, no
game because the player has withdrawn or was absent for some round(s)), for reasons of tie-break
the result shall be counted as a draw against the player himself.”

11. Prizes

Players placed first, second and third will be awarded respectively with gold, silver and bronze cups
and medals. In case of a tie the final ranking will be decided in accordance with the paragraph No 6.
It concerns also the prizes.

The prizes will be award at the official closing ceremony. The players receive the prizes personally.

12. Additional competion rules

1. Any player who arrives at the chessboard more than thirty minutes after the scheduled start of the
session, shall lose the game.

2. Analyzing is not allowed in the playing hall.

3. During the game the players are not allowed to go to the analyzing room or to the press room.

4. Flash photography may be used only in the first thirty minutes of the playing session.

5. Only the players and arbiters shall be allowed in the actual playing area, except with the express
permission of the Chief Arbiter.

After the end of the game the players have to leave the closed area.

6. As long as the game is in progress a player may talk only to an arbiter or to his opponent as
permitted by the Laws of Chess.

7. Each player must bring a Braille chess set and a Braille chess clock.

The player who has the white colour must bring a Braille chess clock for the game.

8. If a player has less than ten minutes left on his clock at some stage in both periods, he is not
obliged to record moves.

Immediately after one flag has fallen the player must update his scoresheet completely before
moving a piece on the chessboard.

9. If the player, having the move, has less than five minutes left on his clock, he may claim a draw
before his flag falls.

Ludvig Beutelholf Nikos Kalesis

IBCA President Tournament Director

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