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31-05-2015 Uitnodiging voor het wk schaken voor junioren

Dit toernooi wordt in Montenegro gehoude van
19-29 augustus 2015.
Gerechtigd deel te nemen zijn spelers die na 1 januari 1995 zijn geboren.

The International Braille Association (I.B.C.A) and the Union of the blind of Montenegro invite all member countries of I.B.C.A to participate in the 9th I.B.C.A Junior World Championship in Podgorica (Montenegro).
Venue: Hotel Aurel
Josip Broz Tito Boulevard nn.
81000 Podgorica
Tel. +382 (0) 78113333
Fax. +382(0)7811334
EMail: info@hotel-aurel.com
The hotel is a four star spa hotel. It offers sauna, steam sauna. Jacuzzi, a fitness room and a sun terrace. The Aurel hotel is situated in a new business centre, 2 km from the centre of Podgorica.
Prices: Single room: 72 Euros per day. For 10 days full board 720 Euros
Double room: 52 Euros per day. For 10 days full board 520 Euros
Triple room: 47 Euros per day. For 10 days full board 470 Euros.
Full board includes accommodation and 3 meals per day. Accompanying persons pay the same as players.
Allowed to participate are blind or visually impaired players born January 1st 1995 or later.
Date of arrival: Wednesday August 19th , date of departure: Saturday August 29th 2015.
Conditions: Nine (9) rounds swiss system. The 1st round starts Thursday, August 20th at 15.00 h till August 28th one round will be played every day at the same time, except Saturday August 29th , the last round will start at 9:00 h.
Time control is 40 moves for 2 hours per player with additionally 30 minutes each for the rest of the game.
Every player must bring a Braille chess board and a Braille chess clock.
The organisers provide transport from and to the airport or train station free of charge. Each participant and guide must send flight details in time. Applications must be sent to Goran Macanovic, Email: ss-cg@t-com.me, Executive Director, no later than July 15th 2015. The application should include the name of the player and the country, date of birth: year, month, day and the rating of the player.
Bank details:
Bank account: 550-3628-63
IBAN: ME25550005120000030091
Full name and Address of the bank, Societe Generale banka Montenegro AD, Bulevar Revolucije 17, 81 000 Podgorica, Montenegro, tel+ 382 20 415 500
You can either pay by bank transfer or cash at your arrival before the first round.
All participants must have paid the annual IBCA fee of 150 Euros to the IBCA bank account before the first round. For bank details contact president@ibca-info.org
For any other information you can contact Mr Marcanovic head of the organizing committee.
Contact address: Goran Marcanovic, Njegoseva 6, Podgorica, Crna
E mail: ss-cg@t-com.me
English speaking contact person:.
Katarina Bigovic
Phone number: + 382 69 769 232

Ludwig Beutelhoff Goran Macanovic
President IBCA head of organization
Union of the Blind of Montenegro

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