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31-10-2014 Invitation 10th open NSVG championship

This championship will be From Thursday 26th of february (including dinner) untill Sunday afternoon March the 1st 2015, (including Lunch).
Dear chessfriends,
We invite you to our 10th Open N.S.V.G. Championship
(O.N.K.) 2015.

Dates / Times:
From Thursday 26th of february (including dinner) untill Sunday afternoon March the 1st 2015, (including Lunch). We expect you from 13:00 onwards, but atleast before 17:30.

Hotel Dennenhoeve, Elspeterweg 14 te Nunspeet.

Tournament setup:
The tournament will be played 6 rounds Swiss system. Depending of the number of participants there might be played in more then one group. The 6 rounds will be played Thursday evening, Friday morning and afternoon, Saturday morning and afternoon and Sunday morning. It is possible to take a bye in the first 4 rounds only. The prize ceremony will take place at Sunday during lunch.

There is a total prize pool of 400,00. There will be prizes given to the Dutch Open Champion - visual disabled, the Dutch Open Champion - sympathisers, the Champion of thee NSVG (Dutch chess association for visual disable, and to the Dutch open Champion in the B-group. Also there will be a prize for the best woman, and best youth player. If a player wins more then 1 catogary, only 1 prize will be given.

Costs to participate (per person)
Participation fee: 20,00
Members and sympathisers of the NSVG and also playing guides from visual disabled players do not have to pay participation fee.
The costs for staying in hotel Dennhoeve full board are:
165,-- Double room p.p
140,-- For personal guides
20,-- Additional cost for single room

Enlistment and payment:
The enlistment and payment has to be done before February the 10th of 2015.
You can do this by transfering the correct amount to:
accountnumber: 2401122 (ING bank). Acountholder: NSVG, Promenade 116
3701 ZG Zeist.
For international bank transfers the extra details are:
IBAN-nr: NL02INGB0002401122
1.) If you pay from abroad make sure you take notice of international bank charges. We would like to receive the correct amount. If not we have to ask during the tournament for the costs of the payment.
2.) Deposits, are also a confirmation of your particpation.
3.) For a participant that cancels after the 25th of February we will charge 20,00 administrative fees. For an enlisted participant that does not come to the tournament we charge 80,00 as costs.

Kind regards,
Pieter Couwenberg
Phone: 013 -5348378
Email: voorzitter@nsvg.nl
Website: www.nsvg.nl

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