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Info ONK2022 (Nederlands)
Info ONK2022 (English)
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21-12-2021 Invitation ONK 2022 (English)

Dear chess friends,

We would like to invite you to the 17th Open Chess Championship (O.N.K.) of the Dutch Chess
Association for Visual Disabled (NSVG). The tournament will, depending on the corona ruling, take place from friday March 4th
until sunday March 6th 2022 in the village of Ermelo, the Netherlands.

Hotel Dennenheul, Paul Krugerweg 45, 3851 ZH Ermelo
Phone number of the hotel: +31 (0)343 56 86 00

Friday March 4th: registration before 7.30 P.M., first round starts at 8 P.M.
Prizegiving ceremony: Sunday March 6th at 1.00 P.M.
Players and guides staying in the hotel: from Friday March 4th (including dinner) until Sunday
March 6th (including lunch). Make sure you arrive on Friday between 3 P.M. and 5.30 P.M.

Tournament information:
The tournament will consist of five rounds. Pairings will be made according to the Swiss system. The
rounds will be played on Friday evening, Saturday morning, afternoon, evening and Sunday morning. It is possible to take one bye (free round) in the first three rounds. The
prizegiving ceremony will take place during lunch on Sunday.
There will be one, two or three groups, based on the number of players and their ratings. The results
of group A and B will count for the FIDE rating, the results of group C will only count for the Dutch
(KNSB) rating.
The rate of play in all groups is 60minutes + 30 seconds extra time per move starting from move 1.

The total prize fund is € 250.00. Prizes will be given to the winners of groups A, B and C, as well as the
winner of the most spectacular game of the tournament and the best member of the NSVG. If prizes
overlap, just one prize will be given.

Participation costs per person:
Entry fee: € 25.00 (for non-NSVG-members)
Members and supporters of the NSVG, as well as guides of a visually disabled
participant, do not owe us any entry fee.

Costs for staying in Hotel Dennenheul are as follows:
For participants:
€ 215,- per person for a twin room
€ 215,- for a single room

For guides of NSVG-members who do not participate*:
€ 215 per person for a twin room
€ 215 for a single room

If you choose not to stay in the hotel but nevertheless want to have lunch and/or dinner in the hotel, this is possible
for € 7.50* per lunch and € 13.00* per dinner. Please inform us about this when subscribing for the tournament.
*Prices are subject to change

Subscription and payment:
The subscription and payment has to be done before February 6 th .
You can send your subscription to lucasdejong93@live.nl. Please send us the following information:
Your name:
Your rating (FIDE-rating if you have one, otherwise rating of home country and the federation of the
If applicable, your choice of hotel arrangement (twin or single room, and with whom you want to
share the room):
Your dietary requirements:
Your contact information (phone number and/or e-mail address):

Payment can be done by transferring the correct amount to IBAN-number NL02INGB0002401122 in
the name of NSVG, located in Zeist.
For international transfers, the following information is applicable:
BIC-number: INGBNL2A

Please note:
1.) For transfers from foreign countries, please note that you carry all costs for the transfer. We
would like to receive the correct amount, otherwise we will have to settle the costs during the
2.) The transferred payments are counted as confirmation for your subscription.
3.) For a subscribed participant staying in the hotel who cancels after November 21th, € 20.00 of
administrative costs will be counted. For a subscribed participant who does not show up, the
administrative costs will be € 80.00.

Other information
The schedule and tournament rules will be e-mailed to the participants before the start of the
tournament, if their e-mail address is known to the NSVG. The tournament details and list of
participants will be published on the website of the NSVG, www.nsvg.nl.

If you have any questions or need extra information, you can contact Lucas de Jong (preferably via e-
mail). His contact information is as follows:
E-mail address: toernooi@nsvg.nl
Phone number: +31 (0)6 11 14 01 99

In case of emergency during the tournament, you can contact Lucas de Jong as well.

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